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7 Rosebank Ave Taree NSW 2430...by appointment.

7 pm each Wednesday evening...Ascension Meditation & development


5 Marathon St Taree NSW 2430 (near train station) 

10 am...First & Third Sunday mornings monthly

International Council of Spiritualists...(ICS)


What is a Spiritual Sanctuary?

A Sanctuary is, where a Spiritual person, can freely express, and create their Spirituality.

 This Centre/Church is designed for your ascension in Spiritual Truth. Both Maureen and Bob

are Spiritualist Reverends. We are available to assist you on your path

towards Spiritual Unfoldment. We offer all Ceremonial services, such as ,

Commitment Ceremonies,  Weddings, Funerals, Christenings, Namings, 

and Handfastings . As well as various  other ceremonies.

 Spiritualism  welcomes all paths/faiths as being equal. Accepting that whatever path a person

may follow, we all flow to the One and only"Goddess" "God"We all have various names for

 "God", such as...Lord, Divine One, Great Spirit, Creator, Mother/Father, Allah, Yahweh, Adoni,

 ..and the list of names stretches throughout eternity. In reality, we ALL are part of

the great Oneness of all that is.Through this Oneness, we accept and love each other,

 irrespective of beliefs, or non beliefs.

"Pay no attention to the mistakes of others, 

nor to their acts and behavior.

 It is your own deeds, and your own negligence, you must focus on"

...Dhammapada Verse 49.

 Please enter all the portals on this web site...

If you have any enquires...

please contact us.


What is Spiritualism?

Spiritualism is a common sense religion/path, one of knowing and living. 

We accept all truths, and endeavor to prove their validity. 

Truths are found in nature, both physical and Spiritual, in other religions,

in writings, in science, in philosophy, and in Divine Law. 

Truths are also received through Spirit communication. A number of the tenets

 of other religions, are found in the beliefs of  Modern Spiritualists,

and are reflected in the Spiritualist Principles

Constant in all religions is One Golden Rule, expressed in many ways,

conveying the message of  Humanity and Love, in all interactions.


                 The Seven Principles Of Spiritualism.

The Fatherhood of God.

The interactive parenthood of the Creator.

The Creator is Love .


The Brotherhood of Man.

The evolution of all.

The Creator is Wisdom .


The immortality of the spirit, the continuity of the individual life,

with its personal characteristics  beyond the veil of death .

The communion with Spirit and the availability of ministering Angels.

The Creator is Divine Will .

The proven facts of communion, between discarnate and incarnate spirits .

The continual opportunity of enlightenment.

The Creator is Order and Love.


Personal Responsibility.

The Creator is the only judge...as Love.


With compensation and retribution here and hereafter

for all good or evil deeds done on earth

Evaluation and understanding.

The Creator is Patience and Love.


A pathway of eternal progress, open to every individual that will tread it.

The Creator is Mercy and Love.


"Spiritualism Is a Science"... Because it investigates,

analyzes and classifies facts and manifestations,

 demonstrated from the Spirit side of life.


"Spiritualism Is a Philosophy" ...Because it studies the Laws of Nature,

both on the visible and invisible sides of life,

and bases its conclusions upon present observed facts.

It accepts statements of observed facts of past ages,

 and conclusions drawn there-from,

when sustained by reason, and by results of observed facts of the present day.


"Spiritualism Is a Religion" ...Because it strives to understand and to comply with,

 the Physical, Mental and Spiritual Laws of Nature, which are the laws of..... SOURCE.


"You are, you were, and you will be what you do"


 "From the moment of birth, every human strives for happiness,

and tries to avoid suffering.

In this, we are all the same"

...His Holiness...The Dalai Lama. 

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