Usui Reiki Ryoho

Levels One,Two,Three, Masters,

& Reiki Rangers.

We will travel to group bookings.Tuition is via, a two person basis, or in a group environment.

This Course is conducted over 2 days for each level of  Reiki One and Two. Learn about the Chakra Systems and the Auric Fields.

Learn of the Bipolar nature of Reiki.

Experience your abilities to channel energy.

Create energy. Feel energy. Move energy.

You will experience, receiving & giving a healing, from the first day. Extensive notes given, as well as a Certificate, and copy of Lineage. This course is hands on, it is designed for you to open, to the new vibrations of the Ascending Self. Expect change in your daily life, from the first day ! ! !

Ongoing support available.

What is a Reiki Ranger ???

A Reiki Ranger is any youth who would like to explore and learn how to heal. An attunement to the First Level of  Reiki, is given at the successful completion of a workshop, held over two days. Each Youth is tutored according to their abilities.


 Angelic Lords& Ascended Masters Workshop.

Meet, feel and draw your Spirit Guide. Discover the Hierarchy of Angels. Learn Invocations for individual Angels & Masters. Feel Group Meditation, with the Angels & Masters. Learn how to Feel Angel Cards.  And much, much more. An amazing day filled with energy, discoveries and Spiritual gifts. Explore with meditation how easy it is to meet your Spirit friends. Open your Clairsentience, and receive the aroma's of the Angelic Kingdoms.  A booklet of corresponding notes, along with a “ Wingmaster ” Certificate is given.( names required ). Bring a plate of suitable lunch food to share.


The 5th Dimensional Violet Flame Workshop.

Workshop includes....


Seventh Ray


Saint Germain

Archangel Zadkiel

Invocations and Mantra's

Various Uses of Violet Flame.

Notes given for your personal reference.

A day filled with Channelled knowledge, Meditations and Energy releases.

Bring a plate of suitable lunch food to share.


Crystal Healing Workshop

Discover how Crystals work.

Learn 8 different Crystal Layouts.

Detailed workshop notes included.

A day of intense hands on healing, and expansion. BYO Crystals, or use Crystals from our collection.



 All Workshops...except Reiki,are a minimum of 4 people. All workshops include detailed notes.  

Please bring a lunch plate 

with suitable food to share.


Spiritual Healing Workshop.

Discover what Energy feels like.

Learn about the Chakra System

and the Auric Fields

Preform Healings, and receive Healing .

Explore the use of Colour.

Receive Course notes and a

Spiritualist Centre Certificate .

Greet your inner gifts, and trust your abilities.

By the end of the day,

you will be confident to preform a Healing.

Ongoing support offered.


Spiritual Empowerment Workshop.

(Psychic Development)

Discover your unique gifts.

Sense Energy.

Explore your Psychic abilities.

Enjoy the art of Meditation.

Awaken your Third Eye Chakra.

Explore the Chakra System.

Participate in various modalities

of Psychic Awareness.



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