"Reiki Lights Healing Candles" 

These candles can be purchased through our email... sanctuary.spiritualist@gmail.com

or by phoning direct on...0403541399 ...0435907608.

Payments are then deposited in our bank account


Soy & Palm Wax, which is environmentally safe. All our candle products are created without " Steric", U.V inhibitors or any other negative additives. Asthmatics are able to use our healing candles, if guidelines are followed.


All our Soy & Palm  products are blessed and infused with Reiki Energies. Feel the difference.

Our overheads are low, and we pass on the savings to you. Our range includes...Containers of different sizes and design. As well as various pillar palm wax candles.

Our Melts are created with Soy wax. While T/Lights are filled with Palm Wax.
Many colours.
Many Fragrances.
Refills available.

We will fill your containers

(conditions apply). These healing candles can be purchased directly from us.


85 hour and 65 hour candles
65 hour and 45 hour andles
65 hour and 45 hour candles

  For best results

Burn  pillars & containers, for 1 hour, the first time you light your candle, rotating regularly.You will get a even burn,and not create a "Well" in the candle.Always trim the wick, and clean the inner surface of any container, of old wax, before lighting. This is to ensure your candle burns cleaner and longer.  Put out the candle either with a candle snuffer, or simply wet your fingers to exhaust the flame. When you blow a Reiki Lights Candle out, you should always send a blessing to whoever is in your heart.

Enjoy the ambiance & Healing with your new friend....

Soy & Palm wax is plant based  and 

environmentally friendly.

Soy wax is 100% non toxic, and totally natural.

Soy wax burns cleaner and cooler.....

....no petro soot chemicals.

Soy wax, due to a lower melting point,burns cooler.Soy  & Palm wax lasts 25-65% longer.

 Soy wax cleans easily with soap and hot water.

 Soy & Palm wax releases fragrances naturally, faster and longer. 

Soy & Palm wax 

supports the farmer.

Paraffin wax is derived from petroleum.

Burning paraffin wax emits harmful toxic vaporsBurning paraffin wax emit's black soot.Paraffin wax is extremely

difficult to remove. Burning paraffin wax may

produce carcinogens? Paraffin candles may not

 burn completely. Paraffin must be blended with chemicals, to be able to release fragrances.

Paraffin supports

the oil industry.

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