International Council of Spiritualists.
Sanctuary Oneness Gathering  
is celebrated FIRST and Third  Sunday mornings...commencing in 2020 .
Commencing from 10 am .

The Church is open from 9 am, 
so you may come early for a Spiritual chat .
After the completion of the service, there is the availability of a Healing or Reading at a responsible donation.

Followed by shared morning tea. Children are welcome, 
and are encouraged to be an important member of the service. 
Usually one child is chosen by Spirit, to be a part of the Service delivery.
The Church is located within  
TAREE NSW...commencing in 2020.
It has often been heard, that the word Church, brings about fear, ego and anger

in many people! When this occurs, it is a sign of either damage sustained previously,

through a Church, ego, or Religious figure. It is time that we all heal the past blockages,

 that are laying, decaying in our lives.  A Spiritualist Church is Different!!

It is a Sanctuary. It is a Cathedral where HEARTS meld together in Communion.

Sanctuary of  Light Workers, building energies to heal, create and expand ascension for all.

Sanctuary Spiritualist Church, is a sanctuary to all.

 Let their be no further fear, ego or anger. 

 Here we all can come together in Communion with  The Great Divine Architect, which is the God and GoddessCommunion with each other, and Communion with Spirit,

Within a Spiritualist Church there is not an enforcement of beliefs...

Rather, an acceptance of all beliefs.

There is no promotion of a persons business, or their profession.

Your Sanctuary Spiritualist Church is a Sanctuary.

It is a sacred environment, where everyone's serenity is respected. 


 Maureen is a  Spiritualist Reverend .

 Bob is a Spiritualist Reverend.

We offer all Religious Ceremonies such as....

ALL Wedding Ceremonies

Commitment Ceremonies...

for those who wish to renew

their vows to each other.

 Blessed by the Love of The Creator.

 House Blessings and Cleansing.

Spiritual Christenings.

Spiritual Naming / Christening Ceremonies.


Spiritual Adherent Dedications.


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